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Please do Not Attempt at Home. No Helmet a NO NO....

Do you Really think he makes it across?

Between Atlantic Host and Morrison Road Tunnel. Just have to take time to enjoy Local Scenery!

Relaxing at the Chaleur Snowmobile Club.

The boys talking about whose sled makes the most noise?

Who says the Atlantic Host isn't on the Trail?

Picture perfect day on the trails. Again take your time and enjoy the scenery we have to offer.

What a way to finish the day with Cofee and Timbits!

2005 Danny Burger Rally

2005 Danny Burger Rally

Red Pine Knoll March 5, 2005

2005 Danny Burger Rally Cooks View

2005 Winter Nationals Racin on the Basin!

Boys from Amherst Enjoying our Trail Feb 19, 2005

Steve doing a Wheelie after Watching Winternationals.

Steve and Sean at Arleau Brook taking a Break. Move your Thumb Next Time!

Lots of Winter Colors at Governor's Wilderness

Blue Mountain Fun. Don't Attempt at Home Professional used for this scene??

Blue Mountain Break

Trailside View

Wilderness View

Island Lake Gas Station Busy spot...

Only 9:30am but starting to fill up.

Our Bathurst MLA Brian Kenny on the Trails...

What a day on the Trail.

Tourists from New Hampshire Enjoying our Great Trails.

Nice Fence do not disturb....

Trail 22 after a Snowfall Not Groomed yet but still tracks galore.

March 10, 2004. Can't Beat This...

Better Than Going Down South!

Who says we don't have Spectacular Views in New Brunswick! Just Outside of Bathurst.

March 6,2004 And Lovin It

Security or Ice Fishin in March?

Les Violon du Nord during Snowarama 2004.

Never too Young for Fun!

Fun Run with Chaleur Motor Sports.

Snowarama donation to Easter Seals 2004.

Trail Break on Chaleur Trails

Hurry Up it's Snowing!

Trails 22 Starts Here.

Under Controlled Conditions do not try at home!

Busy Day! Fun Run in the Morning and Danny Burger's in the Afternoon.

More Big Air. Do Not Attempt at Home.

Governor's Wilderness Open for Business.

Fire on the Trail!

DNR making sure trails are safe for everyone.

Never too young to start Snowmobiling.

Hard Working Employees taking a Rest.

On the River near the Atlantic Host.

Dusk on the Trail!

About 1 Mile Before Sugar Shack. Superb View

Tourist from Miramichi on a Day Trip.

Chaleur Snowmobile Club House

Trail Between Host and Chaleur Club looks Great.

Entering Mount Carleton Parc

Back Yard Photo

Sugar Shack on Dec 29, 2003.

Groomer Ready for Another Run.

The New Arleau Brook Shelter

Tourist from NS enjoying the New Arleau Brook Shelter

Business as Usual at the Chaleur Club

Enjoying a Break on the Trail

Entering the Restigouche trail System

Spectacular view of Serpentime Lake

The Old Shelter as we Remembered it

The top of Mount Carelton! Highest point in the Maritimes.

A terrific View from TV Tower Trail.

Another Spectacular View.

New Bridge Chaleur Trail #19 from Host to Chaleur Club

A day after the Storm.

Bear's Den in Riley Brook.

Inside The Snowmobile Club

Island Lake

A day at the Shelter....

SqawCap Mountain! To think I snowmobiled to the top!

Top of SquawCap Mountain. Third Highest Peak in N.B.

A Spectacular view along the Appalachian Trail!

Race Day at the Chaleur Lodge

Enjoying a Break at the Chaleur Arleau Brook Shelter.

Gary and friends from Montreal

getting a tan while taking a break.

February 2, 2005 at the Arleau Brook Shelter near the Chaleur Snowmobile Club.


The Sledder's Pledge:

  • I will never drink and drive a snowmobile.
  • I will drive within the limits of my machine and my own abilities.
  • I will obey the rules and laws of the state or province I am visiting.
  • I will be careful when crossing roads, and always cross at a right angle to traffic.
  • I will keep my machine in top shape and follow a pre-op check before each ride.
  • I will wear appropriate clothing, including gloves, boots and a helmet with a visor.
  • I will let family or friends know my planned route, my destination and my expected
    arrival time.
  • I will treat the outdoors with respect. I will not litter or damage trees or other vegetation.
  • I will respect other peoples' property and rights, and lend a hand when I see someone in need.
  • I will not snowmobile where prohibited.
  • I will always help others in need of assistance.